Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan mixed media journal page

I was so inspired after a Jane Davenport brief video on you tube...I had to play in my journal again.
This week was a stress filled adventure for me so this was fun to kick start me back into art again..
Hope everyone is great.
susan s

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Allywhitecat/Suswan mixed media journal page When my Angels carry Me

Hi everyone . How has your week gone so far?

I am still following Life book 2014 running behind because I find myself playing with a technique I learned in many different ways.
Jane Davenport what a awesome lady wonderful mixed media

If you haven't joined it is never to late for a wonderful experience with fabulous people.

Tam lovces to use her brayer and my brayer broke :( so used fingers and a large brush but now i am hooked on the brayer and could not get the effect I wanted.

Jane has such a marvelous talent..drawing..coloring everything..but my goal was to learn to proportion the body ..this is not a complete pass but it is not a complete

My friends fighting cancer  and illness..arthritis fybromyalgia and  have been on my mind this week strong.So..this is a dedication to them..with love
Leigh,Lynn, Shell and so many more...I love you ladies so much.
This is for you
susan s

Monday, April 21, 2014

Allywhitecat's mixed media in Andrews Texas and tutorial for Smeared Inks Art Journal everyday

Hi all I made a brief tutorial for
I love the people there ...if you want a friendly place to play come join in..we would love to have you.
Here are some photos I have for you the tutorial is at the link above.
Have a wonderful Monday

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Allywhitecat's mixed media journal page on a beautiful night...waiting for spring

why do we wait for season to season. always at the end of a season we are like three year olds in the back seat of a car asking the parent if we are there yet?...hahaha
enjoy the night ..the moon is declining but still bright. the air is still crisp and cool here at night but soon...the heat will come...and then when the heat takes it's toll..we will be in that back seat again...
susan s

Allywhitecat /suswan Happy Easter Everyone

we are children of the universe.
brought to gather by passions.
loving one another


Monday, April 14, 2014

Allywhitecat mixed media in Andrews Texas and a journal book for a challenge

Hi everyone.
I am finishing with a journal book for a challenge with the wonderful group of artist at Delicious Doodles...The challenge is not until May 16 so I cannot show you the cover with their awesome image...however I can show you what the pages on the inside are like.
I have purchased many wonderful images and collage pages through the past years and I love to cut them apart and store them in decorated coffee cans :)
so today I used cereal boxes and cut me some pages...and began to create a wonderful fun scrap book. Remember the cover is not show until May 16 at
so knowing I have some time I can at least show you a few pages
Images from many places creative alpha deviant
oh I am sure I have forgotten where some of them came from I have had them quite a while.
stamps from Queen cat , smeared and smudged ink and unknown.
Papers from recollections alpha stamps and graphic 45.

I hope you like this so far.
Thanks so much for stopping in
susan s

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan Mixed media art in Andrews Texas OFFERING OF AFFECTION

I have three beautiful friends I wanted to wish Happy Easter to. Patti Kristy and Joyce.
I cannot begin to tell you how you carried me through the tough times I have had lately. Thank you for being an example of the Lord we love and serve.
This is for you made with goodies I received from you one for your son Patti.

Loads of love
susan s.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Allywhitecat and mixed media in Andrews Texas

Hi there welcome...I am playing today with Jane Davenports ideas   oh she is marvelous. If you have time she is can catch many of her videos on you tube.
The first picture is my theme...I think for Life Book 2014 fold out here it is a theme
tomorrow I have a lot Design Team art to make so will turn this into a fold up soon.
another image I loved she showed on you tube was the little fish girls mer's maybe?
this last one did not turn out right at all I am still learning to make eyes and some times they defeat me ...
well that's it for today.
i have made some beautiful textures with a gift from my little sister Kristy :) but they are not dry uet and I have made them for tomorrows project so I will show off the textures tomorrow.
susan s

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan Mixed media art in West Texas a class with Michaels

Hi there. I am working on a journal piece for Michaels...Mixed media Art Journaling class
I am going to introduce products many of which you have probably used and may have not used before.
I have several projects lined up for you.
The first is a little mermaid. I love mermaids. How extremely wonderful it would be to live by the ocean and have a small coffee art shop and entertain the mer's all day ...
We are all so stressed in todays world,one of the most fabulous abilities of the art journal is to forget that stress just for a while and compose any thing that lightens the mind body and spirit.
Fantasy???? why not..We fantasize far more daily then we realize you know...:) put it on paper!


The books you chose to begin with are all stepping stones to finding the one that suits you the most.
I am still experimenting.
The book I am using right now is a Strathmore 500 series mixed media paper
What does that mean? Good question. It slides into what each individual would call mixed media.
The weight of the paper determines the products you can place on it with out tearing or destruction of your art piece.
I used gesso water color paste acrylics and pencils on the two connected papers I made the mermaid on did not harm the paper or the art work on the previous page.
I can also preform art work with out the paper being harmed on the page behind it using the same materials. That is the power of the weight of the paper. Is it important to me???? YES.VERY.

I drew a simple mermaid...I am not great at drawing so bear in mind yours will probably be far better.
I used my charcoal pencil and then colored her in first with acrylics on the face.
GOLDEN is the preferred fluid acrylic medium perfered however, GOLDEN fluid acrylics are very expensive, I would love to own one of every color another fantasy??? maybe , but we can dream can't we.
I added GESSO BY LIQUITEX around the body of the mermaid.
The face I colored with a inexpensive bottle of acrylic from APPLE BARRELL. I used it fifteen years ago on my ceramics.. acrylic and still had some in the bottle that was good..what does that say!
The color is CREAMY PEACH. I used this as a skin color for my "white" angels..I did all skin tones so I did have designated colors for them.
I used AMERICANA  Autumn Red for the cheeks and lips.
I love PRISMA PENCILS and use them daily on my digital art pieces. If you do not have any they are truly a worthy investment.
PUMPKIN ORANGE is a wonderful color to line the face and always use a blender when you use charcoal or PRISMA PENCILS
They are fabulous...hours and hours of fun with them..her dress is also colored with the LYRA AQUACOLOR WATERCOLOR CRAYONS...and her hair.
is from BASICS BY LIQUITEX so far it is the best white I have found to blend and use as a medium with gesso and paste.
The eyes were colored with the water color crayons.
This was my first layer of this journal page.


I knew I wanted a mermaid but what was my self trying to tell my self. I took a note pad and wrote my thoughts ..what was on my mind about the mermaid.One thing I wrote in my notes was the quote I wrote on the left side of the journal page.
When I cannot see clearly through the situation I will move to a place with a better view.
Another thing I wrote was When I reach for the stars they fall.
and I chose to put this on the right side of the journal page.Then I wrote one more thing I had written in my notes Clear thoughts a star to light my way.


Now the fun is beginning...
I used a stencil from PLAID FOLK ART # 30622
and Golden molding paste.
It looks like giant bubbles, they are circles...and over that i mixed white and green to lighten the dominant blue.

we have just begun :)
If you want to discuss or see the finished piece I will be at Michaels in Odessa Texas next Saturday. I will announce the time and addy soon..

susan s



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan Mixed media art in Andrews Texas

Hi and welcome...thanks everyone for joining my blog it is so encouraging...I need to post more here.
My lastest from life book 2014
and tomorrows new challenge with Delicious Doodles Design Team
/ visit my blog
here is a peep
my journal art on bottles  and Dilly Beans Challenge on my other blog
Working on some cereal box journals and more..
hugs to all
susan s