Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Journal art by suswan and smeared inks 31 Days of Halloween Day 30 Angel of journey

Greetings..yes everyone needs a quiet place this is mine.
This is my new endeavor angels... right now sweet ones :)
This is a journal page for the Angel of Journey.
Here is my procedures
I drew my angel I first colored her with acrylic paints
my second step was I layered bits of paper scraps designer papers and used gesso and paste to attach them
The wings were drawn then from Tams technique trace the wings on tracing paper and then copy them on to book pages. I used geletos purple for the wings and blue for the hair.The stamp is a simple flower you can see where I painted it in acrylic.
The butterfly is from smeared Ink's store
It is from the specimen collection
This was all steps I learned in a wonderful class from Tam at
Tam is a fabulous teacher and has helped me so much with everything. The coloring learning lighting and shadows..I am still in beginning stages but it has made such a vital difference for me in my journey with my art.I would love to see you there :).
The wonderful DT's I have been so privileged to work with in smeared were so advanced to me in mixed media and made me realize I need to step back and take some time to relax in my learning .
I love angels good ones that is sooo....they will guide me in my new learning times.
Thanks for looking
susan s

Monday, October 7, 2013

willowing October challenge

This is just a piece I let flow out in the middle of creating the other day, I have made worse and I have made's a soul thing I think.
susan s