Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trust me Trust you by Allywhitecat

welcome to my blog today. I am tired from my trip yesterday and really moving very slow.You will see on this blog many buttons that will take you to willowing (Tam)..I really wanted to Thank her for the class she gave a while back. I enjoyed it. The whimsy button is on the blog.

this was a long process for me today I used a technique from Angela Kennedy in http://creativesouls.ning.com/and Tamhttp://willowing.ning.com/
I am blessed with two wonderful teachers. I drew my fairy girl and tried to draw a bird (ok I said tried)
I colored her in pencils and geleto"s and watercolor to begin the page.
after it dried I layered in paper and gesso
I used watercolors over the geleto which was like two types of water colors..at first I thought oh no I am making colored mud..yes it was thick I went through with gesso and my stencil girl heart stencil and a lighter shade of water color and it seemed to start solving the problem.
I used one of my favorite scripture stamps fromhttp://www.inspiredstamps.com/servlet/StoreFront
The rest is just a mixture of unmarked stamps I keep in my journal box..and wendy vecchi flower of course :)
This will take many time of making to catch the real hang of it but that is why I am loving the journals. to know you can do it again tomorrow and get a different result is fun.
hope you like her :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

journal art by suswan aka allywhitecat ..wendy vecchi challenge SHE SAID MAKE ART

she said to make art.....so I did.
I have not had a lot of funds this year so I used what I had available.

okay let me explain the photos
I use a mixed media heavy weight paper 9" X12 " Mixed media from Strathmore I paid between $9.00-$12.00 for this. It is important to get a heavy weight that can handle the damage of all the goodies you want to pile on there :)

I have not tried Wendy's paste yet not that I haven't wanted to most of my friends know my money has been harsh this year so I needed to come up with a thinker substance than just gesso so I added the Golden to my Blick this Golden Gesso is a slight bit thicker because it has grounds in it meaning bits of texture as in thickness.
I also compensated by the style brush.
I have a beat down fan brush which leaves streaks so I used this to add the effect of thicker gesso.
I also added my Ranger Distress scattered straw into the gesso mixture giving it a off white look and also after stirring added Ranger Distress Old Paper
I began tearing news paper and layering onto the gesso paper and while it is wet use a brayer. as you use the brayer many torn pieces of the newspaper de solve if you will into the gesso mixture keep brayering until you feel good about it using you fingers when you are finished to rub the remainder of the gesso on the paper...ALL THIS WORK BECAUSE i NEED TO BUY PAPSTE LOL
I used Victorian velvet  Distress ink,Shaded lilac, and old paper...then when it looks smooth..stop and use your heat gun just for a few minutes...while it is still moist ...drop one to two drops Terra Cotta,stream,pool,butterscotch and a dark red the name is worn off adirondack alcohol inks onto the wet gesso ..spray with mini mister and they spread to rounds ball shapes.
This is the milled lavender sprayed with mini mister
you can see the thick coats of gesso and paper
began stamping
This stamp is from Wendys set I Am My Art you can find at http://stampersanonymous.com
the item no is LC 050
The flowers on the bottom art from her stamp set Art Rules  the item no is LCS002

Now a Question...do you remember the ticket swap where we used the paint brush and painted with ink our tickets in Tims group??? well that is what I did with the stamps you see stamped using scattered straw and broken china.:)

The script set you see on the left is from a beautiful stamp set from Wendy and http://stampersanonymous.com called A Form of Art
and of course I had to use my favorite set from Wendy Celestial Art item no. LCS054
that is the hanging stars.
The flower you will see in the right bottom is from the stamp set Art In Bloom item no SCS 057
you will see polka dots over the Art In Bloom flower this is from a beautiful stamp set called All About Art ,item no LCS 011
The little stamp undere the heart is from a beautiful stamp set called Art By The Number item no LCS005
one more...get back here...
the little flower over the hearts below Mr. Poe is from the stamp set..Art in Bloom which I gave you the item no. up above.

Now Mr. Poe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where oh where did you come from Mr. Poe??? well for the people out there that do not have a wonderful Edgar Allen Poe set....http://smearedandsmudged.ning.com/group/smeared-ink-rubber-club
I belong to the wonderful red rubber club at smeared ink and if you love journal art you will love their stamps...for many of the people in Wendy's you may not like them all..but there are one of a kind very unique for journals type stamps there...have fun too..if you join get what you want as you browse through and don't be afraid to ask questions.
The never more
quote the raven
the raven
Mr. Poe
the chicken wire all came from this set and there is so much more to it another raven more more more :)
well I am down to the hearts....Wendy Vecchi stencil and Tim's Barn door acrylic dabber.
So there it is my journal page for Mrs. Wendy Vecchi.
love and hugs Wendy and Rick
susan s

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New post new journal

I am making me a stencil journal to hold my new and old stencils My life needs a clean up!
.This is made off a manila blue folder using Dylusions, acrylics and gel pens.
 I used a Wendy Vecchi stamp  from my studio 490 collection.."take a moment and imagine the possibilities"...I love this stamp. Powerful words.....
and a stamp I sell from my store ....
the french script I love so well..En Francais
would love to see you visit my stampin up store :)
well let me back track...
I began reading this awesome book my mom got me from her book club called Journal Your Way by Gwen Diehn.
oh wow what a cool book..no I have not read it all...basically I am reading it...but skimming over and found a few project ideas I loved...so what can I say I started just messing around the one of them but making it my way..just like the cover says lol.
I have been very homesick for the country I was born in and raised most my life in northern New Mexico..so I have been thinking of visiting as as I thought such positive thoughts I made a page for my new manilla folder journal.
I received my new stencil girl stencil of the month this week and thought perfect....
you can sign up for the stencil of the month by going to this link http://www.stencilgirltalk.com/
so here is my first page...of my new journal.
susan s

Monday, November 18, 2013

Delight in Flight

Hi and welcome. I received a happy mail day in my life today.
1. from my friend Carla. I received my prize and some awesome geletos oh my goodness...thank you so very much Carla I love your beautiful jewelry and I made a new journal page using the geletos markers you send.
2. my new stencil girl stencil
It is gorgeous I added pieces of that to my journal page also.
again Thank you Carla I am so proud of everything....and the mail travels both ways :).

Delight in Flight
Is a journal page made with geletos from Carla and the ones Angela sent me..I am hooked on them!
The stencil is Whimspirations by Joanne Sharpe.
well here  is my piece.
The stamps are from unity Delight in Beauty by Joslyn Nielson
hope you like it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Journal art By Suswan and JAHMS Journal art honoring my stamps

JAHMS is me...journal art honoring my stamps
My stamps have made me happy..brought new friends in my life..swaps have occurred I learned many techniques with my stamps so I am creating a library through my Journal art.I could keep going...so I decided to take one stamp make a journal page with it, some acts or tags or what ever and go to the next. In the mean time if I want to retire the stamp I can send it to a friend or store it away for a while.
The stamp I chose for this page is from http://stampersanonymous.com
sorry about the shadow.
This is the journal page I have made for it

 Thanks so much for stopping in hope you leave a comment
If you would like to join me send me a email and on my next post I will add your blog addy
susan s

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Journal art by suswan and smeared inks 31 Days of Halloween Day 30 Angel of journey

Greetings..yes everyone needs a quiet place this is mine.
This is my new endeavor angels... right now sweet ones :)
This is a journal page for the Angel of Journey.
Here is my procedures
I drew my angel I first colored her with acrylic paints
my second step was I layered bits of paper scraps designer papers and used gesso and paste to attach them
The wings were drawn then from Tams technique trace the wings on tracing paper and then copy them on to book pages. I used geletos purple for the wings and blue for the hair.The stamp is a simple flower you can see where I painted it in acrylic.
The butterfly is from smeared Ink's store http://www.smearedink.com/
It is from the specimen collection
This was all steps I learned in a wonderful class from Tam at http://willowing.ning.com/
Tam is a fabulous teacher and has helped me so much with everything. The coloring learning lighting and shadows..I am still in beginning stages but it has made such a vital difference for me in my journey with my art.I would love to see you there :).
The wonderful DT's I have been so privileged to work with in smeared were so advanced to me in mixed media and coloring...it made me realize I need to step back and take some time to relax in my learning .
I love angels good ones that is sooo....they will guide me in my new learning times.
Thanks for looking
susan s

Monday, October 7, 2013

willowing October challenge

This is just a piece I let flow out in the middle of creating the other day, I have made worse and I have made better...it's a soul thing I think.
susan s

Saturday, September 21, 2013

No Peeking

This is a journal page that came to me last night. My mom has fractured her wrist so we have had a lot of confusion in the house lately..last night was a peaceful full moon and quiet. I so enjoyed the moments of drawing her.
you can purchase a act print from my etsy store.https://www.etsy.com/listing/163423185/no-peeking?

Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is for my friend Angela Kennedy in Creative Souls. she is so precious. Well I used wonderful tools sent to me from her
green geletos , blue geletos and chalk inks and more  :) ..I played like a child and realized it was harder than I thought...but I had fun.I hope she likes it..practice makes perfect they say..and I can say I am hooked.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three Sisters

This is a piece I call three sisters,inspired by my Willowing.ing.com ultimate whimsy class.
susan s

I am enjoying a wonderful class in Willowing.ing.com Ultimate Whimsy. It is so relaxing.I am so glad I have taken this class just heals the spirit.
If you get a chance and just want to unwind please try it out.
susan s

Monday, August 12, 2013

journal art by suswan and changing seasons

This is part of my Blue Autumn series no. 2..not so blue but look closely and everything has been lined in blue :)
Have a peaceful night and a beautiful day tomorrow

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Her Style Her Time

As many of you know I have had several close calls with my mom lately..My Dad is not well so things can often get very intense.
The physical load is more than I can handle and I cannot afford a help so in the whirl wind of it all I have been searching for answers many of which I am finding in myself.
My son is gone all the time now days working and when he is home he is working on his art and I refuse to bother him because he is so tired unless I just have to scream for help.
I began to not see the light at the end of the tunnel when the gangrene started to take over her foot..but I have learned a wonderful lesson in life time and medicines diets and time.
How everything works to gather even in my art. I think often we start to lose our own style or we are trying to influence it with a new idea
actually one type of medicine was not working and hospice was even called in because her blood system was compromised ,yet a simple change from a liquid form to a powder changed everything from wet to dry...just like a technique
made me think of how to accomplish all there is ahead of me and keep doing what I love..yet something had changed in me in that last experience. Reality, reality one day her heart could not with stand this..watching my Dad suffer with her every step and tire every few minutes reality they would not be here physically and that was in the near future. they would not be on the phone or say Hello or look up and my mama does and smile when I sneek over to her afraid of waking her up.
How would this effect my art, my creative flow..my little sound world of chatter with my buddies on line and the familiar of my day?
Would I be so busy going through all they had horded and collected I would not be able to find the time for what I knew?
I don't know. simply I don't know but I am flowing differently now, there is so much to be done each day and my physical limitations don't allow me any over doing with out consequences so I am adjusting and preparing. I wanted to thank all my wonderful friends for putting up with me in this transition it is a difficult one and exhusting mentally physically and spiritually.
Her Style her Time is my journal page for this transition today
susan s

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just breathe

sorry about the glare on this..this was a needed moment to heal from the normal week build up[ starting....aaahhh I named it  just Breathe..thats it step out and take a breath.
susan s

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

smeared ink journal prompt something wicked this way comes

Hello and wow am I behind this was a few weeks ago a journal prompt something wicked this way comes...that would be my mind when I have to stop and clean Lol
anyway here is my page for http://smearedandsmudged.ning.com/group/artjournaleveryday/forum/topics/art-journal-prompts-week-70
Thanks for stopping in.
susan s

Today I want to be a butterfly

The wings are from Laura Carson http://artfullymusing.blogspot.com.
Laura is always a great inspiration to keep making art..she is awesome.
This is a simple piece for my simple mood last night
susan s
The mushroom stamp is Donna Salazar, the fish is Queen kat.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

relaxing on a Saturday afternoon

Happy Saturday everyone. i made a journal page with a image from the http://creativesouls.ning.com/group/freevintageimages
also a thinking of you card i received from a friend so music valentine paper gesso , watercolors stamps and stencils. I am so relaxed now.
Hope you enjoy this.
susan s

This piece was featured in Creative Souls

Friday, June 14, 2013

playing with new stamps

Got some new stamps from smeared ink today so added the birds onto a journal page
and thank you Tori for the gift
susan s

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In my previous journal post I had made a journal page from a manilla folder..I wanted to share with you the back of that page and the acts I made from the idea for the all things Tim Holtz act swap for June
This is the front finished and embellished
this is the back and my idea for the act
gessoed white
added yellow acrylic with brayer
used stampers anonymous nib stamp and Tim's bird, the heart in red is red acrylic using Wendy Vecchi's stencil
now to add the embellishments.
Thanks for looking in
susan s