Monday, September 28, 2015

The Blood moon Sept 27th 2015

This was a beautiful event. I loved watching it and realize what a small speck of sand we are in the universe.
Many peoples of many colors and creeds of many fears and faiths.
I thought about the Pope coming to our Nation this week and all the events rising and crashing.
I thought about many things as I watched this beautiful event. maybe it is a haunting event in a way..the colors the faiths that believe different things..the political world..the financial world..the people of the world and all their loves and hates..their birth and deaths.
In it all there was one common thing I felt from this event Hope.

susan s

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

He speaks a journal page for Art Journaling and Beyond

What will the moon say when he speaks
My Dad has had a hard few weeks he is on a blood thinner that is causing his sugar to rise and he has had inner ear infection and so have I.
 I love to sit on the porch and feed the doves I see the moon phases well living in the country. I also spend to much time watching the news with my Dad. sad mostly.
This is made with acrylics and stencil girl stencils.
 My son has his day off tomorrow and he will be up on the computer. I am going to go drink a starbucks mocha coffee on ice and go to bed.of course I have to play bubble witch a few.
sweet dreams folks.
susan s

Monday, June 8, 2015

I love Effy Wild.Classes !.a new Journal page

Hi there and welcome to my  blog.
I have joined the wonderful people with the passion to play in our journals and learn wonderful new things under a fabulous teacher Effy Wild
Have you joined her classes yet?
Here is her link
I just love the videos and thoughts that she put into them and I know you would do.
click the link and read her blog. Look at the side bar on her blog and check things out. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Journal Art by Suswan in Andrews Texas with Dylusions and Stencil Girl stencils

Hi and welcome to my Journaling Blog.I love to art journal and I love the new and wonderful products to play with as I journal. I am back using my awesome Stencil Girl stencils. This is a set you can purchase when you are a member in the Stencil Girl monthly club.

Jessica Sporn one of Stencil Girl Stencils designers was my choice today with this spread.I purchased this through their monthly Club at stencilgirltalk link above.

It has been a hard six years for me and journals have been my survival for years yet last July my art ceased when my Mother was placed on Hospice. When she passed this past January I have had my hands full still living with my Dad and helping him as I can but healing myself, looking for a new home in a new town..I have MUCH going on..but I began several  wonderful processes that are helping me heal and let me tell you inspire me to make art again and I want to share them with you. I am sure as I pick up my pace again I will be sharing many wonderful teachers and artist with you.

Effy Wild
Join her Book of Days....yes I highly recommend this journey
and her
her beautiful nature and beautiful pages will lift you up and inspire you.
The people here are fabuous and so talented and inspirational.
Tam is such a doll so caring and giving.
so... I am back
enjoy your day and JOURNAL!
susan s

Monday, April 13, 2015

Journal art by Suswan and Sweet Pea Stamps

Hi and welcome to my blog today. I have a darling image I have added to my digital image journal..this image is from Sweet Pea Stamps.
The image is from The East Wind Aurora and it is called "what Matters".

This was the image I posted in Sweet Pea's face book group
and this is the image
I encourage everyone to add their digi images into a journal.
why? backgrounds..It really helps me to learn to build backgrounds.
well I hope you like her
susan s

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tutorial on "Beware" a "dark" project using a Smeared Ink image.

I had a passion when the images from smeared ink were released . The collection is Toxic Dancer.
I thought how powerful in a day of lawlessness, such hatred and anger in the air , foods are so poisoned and the list is endless.
I do not think we can travel through our lives on this planet and not be touched by the events at one time or another.
I made a post on my Challenge blog

The piece is "Beware"

Let me share with you how I made it.

I used a Dylusion journal. The smaller one, which by the way I love.
I wanted to thicken the pages so I did something unique. I used four pages.

The black under page host two middle pages the sides have been torn down on the middle pages
I used Dina Wikley white gesso as a base coat. after drying I used black acrylics.

I used a metal embellishment that has holes in it as a stencil,and my Mother had this paper paint by

folkart called Papier, this color is metallic green.
after the black acrylic dried on the back pages I mixed black acrylic with Wendy Vecchi paste and used the embellishment as a stencil, when that dried I used my finger and rubbed over the ridges of the stenciled area...the Papier metallic green.I used Diana Wakley's gel medium as a top coat.

The inner pages were torn on the edges and glued down.

I again gesso(ed) the middle pages
I made act sized images using my new smeared Ink stamps. Here is a link to their store.
I began adding the gel medium and and colored the image.
The red moon is called the Blood moon our of a photo in one of my Mothers prophecy magazines.
I used the rest of the black paste to blend all the images and mod Podge when all was dry.

I hope you like this.Dark art has been a topic lately in my friend Effy Wild's FB this is for you guys...hugs

susan s

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The moon speaking...Moon Journaling with Effy- Wild

 I have another moon piece to share with you. I have moved my learning and personal journal pages here. I have become active again and working for market in July and September so my other blogs are just to busy to share real life and journaling that is thought through and learning processes.

I am loving Effy Wilds moon processes. The moon is powerful and is a wonderful thought provoking person and teacher.

The full moon has either brought me energy and clarity or tiredness and the lack of clarity.
This full moon was almost a perfect ballance. I was not exhusted and heavy feeling and I was not hipper. loved it.
We live out in country right now. part of me likes it the other part of me hates it. but moon shots are sweet.
This is a shot from my cell phone.

This is my piece.
Effy was so kind in answering my questions..I love the process of learning. This is a mixture of two projects in one
moon journals
and also her journal mix on spring..a new season coming

I love this life!

susan s