Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is spring to me... My journal page for
spring forward....
made me think of what i wanted to ponder on for my spring and summer..laughter love,healing growth moving forward in a positive way. so here is my image
 I have awesome thoughts for this spring! hope you do too.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


This is a piece I made for my friend Althea today just because..she is a wonderful friend and means so much to me..enjoy
susan s

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello and welcome to my journal blog. I am so glad you came. I made a piece for smeared ink today.If you click groups in the top banner at smeared ink  you will find a link "groups" I do hope to see you join us there at

spring flowers green grass blue skies...well her is mine

I created my theme "where do ravens go when flowers bloom" I had to find a way to use my new red rubber stamps "The Edgar Allen Poe" set...I drew myself or what is supposed to be me asking the question and answering "I hide them in my hair:."..
I colored with my prisma pencils and gessoed over that. while the gesso was thick and wet i took the tip of the paint brush and drew flowers bring out the color underneath from the prisma pencils at the bottom left i used a plastic  table doillie. and added the gesso on thick.
I then layered with diluted orange yellow and pink acrylic and used my Tim Holtz paint dabbers around the body of the "me".
I stamped the raven onto manilla folder colored abit with black cut out the one on right bottom and cut the heads to fit the middle.
I used a big foam flower stamp in black and added flowers from paper stock. Hope you like my page
susan s

Friday, March 8, 2013

This is awesome today . I found the a place of dreams..if you love art and love to journal. I found
you must go there and check out her free tutorials, I am hooked for ever there I believe. Todays lesson was "art heart and healing" by the talented and graciouslady herself.
my processes were to write the negative and recover and cover to positive things I feel from myself.

Thanks for stopping in
susan s

Thursday, March 7, 2013

welcome to my journal blog. This piece is called QUEEN OF PURPLE HEARTS and it is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer today.
I wanted to say how much i love her so I put it in art.
the complete saying is
hey you,
with the "blue" and pink hair livin on a dare
Hey you,
talkin with the mermaids laughin with the dolphins
your going to get through this
I'll never leave your side
Hey you,
you are my sister you are my dear friend.

your the Queen of purple hearts.

love ya,
susan s

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

welcome to my blog.
This is a project for
the theme is a little bit of what you see here....strange stamping. many of my stamps are in storage so i had a hard time selecting a few to play with  crazy stamping.
anyway i primed my paper with lavender white light blue and green acrylic.
then I added a few crazy images

well here it is and yes i had fun it makes you think about the stamps you have and what you could do.thanks for looking and go give it a try. click the link above and play.
susan s

Monday, March 4, 2013

for ones like me that love to play in art...we make messes. well I do..and  I let it get bad! so time to re organize so I stripped off the old table cloth OMG it had been two years since i changed it. and put on the new one.
yesterday was a trip for me my fibo was flared and so i tunnel visioned into my work. My moms Birthday had not been completed and it was my son's only day off..and there was a list of things to do.I sat back made a cup of coffee and said I am going to continue to clean up my art zone, and accomplish my goals today.well,...I finished my piece for smeared ink..please take a peek on my blog
I got my mom a gift and my son purchased her gifts also. we had time for our coffee and conversation...and I made it to the dollar store..and we had tacos.however I was exhausted past the point of a cup of coffee and collapsed into sleep fifteen minutes or less after I handed my mom her gift.
The past two weeks I have been cleaning through all my art stuff magazines etc. I have alot to mail out but I have decided to wait until the swap with a circle of friends is over..and mail everything at one time.

so now I have my 6x6's cut and ready and my five by to cut my jumbo tags  :)

I also am cutting my acts and regular size tags today. you might ask why?
Here is something you do know about me..i have fybomyaylgia ..and I suffer with it. I also help my folks as I can but between the projects and dishes..and art i have times where I fog over..and it usually hits at the worst of times.I have also fractured my neck  and tore out my shoulders so at night time I am clouded and tired.
I am in hopes my journal helps inspire others with disabilities that you can do it and losing control of the art or cleaning projects or what ever is okay..and has taken me years to accept this..and now I do and I also think there are safety nets and things individually we do to help ourselves.
this is what I am doing for me.

I use manilla folders to make most of my is the first of the month and I need to get ready for the projects that can pop up that I might want to participate in.
also i do not have a die cut machine I hand cut alot of my items or get them on ebay.
well here are the last two pictures..regular tags and a few tickets have a wonderful night.
susan s

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to my mom today she is 78 years young. This is her in high school. what a character she is...despite her adversity in health she has a will of iron.