Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trust me Trust you by Allywhitecat

welcome to my blog today. I am tired from my trip yesterday and really moving very slow.You will see on this blog many buttons that will take you to willowing (Tam)..I really wanted to Thank her for the class she gave a while back. I enjoyed it. The whimsy button is on the blog.

this was a long process for me today I used a technique from Angela Kennedy in http://creativesouls.ning.com/and Tamhttp://willowing.ning.com/
I am blessed with two wonderful teachers. I drew my fairy girl and tried to draw a bird (ok I said tried)
I colored her in pencils and geleto"s and watercolor to begin the page.
after it dried I layered in paper and gesso
I used watercolors over the geleto which was like two types of water colors..at first I thought oh no I am making colored mud..yes it was thick I went through with gesso and my stencil girl heart stencil and a lighter shade of water color and it seemed to start solving the problem.
I used one of my favorite scripture stamps fromhttp://www.inspiredstamps.com/servlet/StoreFront
The rest is just a mixture of unmarked stamps I keep in my journal box..and wendy vecchi flower of course :)
This will take many time of making to catch the real hang of it but that is why I am loving the journals. to know you can do it again tomorrow and get a different result is fun.
hope you like her :)