Monday, March 31, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan Mixed media art Andrews Texas and Life book 2014

Well folks I am way behind.Glad I got a few lessons in before the month ended.
Cotton Candy Girls by Marieke Blokland
What a sweet spirited artist."Sugar " "Sugar" okay...for someone like me more of a Gothic alternative person this was good for me..looks bad but gave me thoughts it is blahhhh but I did have fun.
The light warmheartedness of this lesson was fun.

Then there was Tam's lesson.She cured the need for ink in my work. What a fab lesson and I totally got lost in it.
Here it is
Thank you ladies for the joy and time out of real life...needed and treasured.
susan s

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Allywhitecat/suswan andrews texas mixed media artist ...textures in layers

Hi there. I wanted to share with you a simple technique for back grounds.
Distress inks by Tim Holts ..Ranger inks have always been my favorite inks.. so I usually begin with them.
If you are not happy with your background keep going!
for journal art I love manilla folders. I love the thickness and the texture of the paper.
right now I am working on a 50 page journal book 6 inches across 9 inches long
This is just rubbing the ink pad on the paper to begin getting the ink pigments on the paper
The little flower stamps are a gift from Heather with
They are lovely. They are made by I stamped all over with each of the beautiful that they would give me this effect..
then lightly cover with a layer of gesso.
Now the grain of the paper or manilla folder is starting to show through and this begins the building for me of a nice texture.
Now I wanted a more dominate color and strength of ink ..using the same stamps I chose memento,this is Danube Blue a very beautiful color.
now I am adding water color around the borders
finger on ink where the water colored border is
at this point you can add water color and sponge or blend with fingers the ink and wal-la a background paper.
use any color any stamp sponge or fingers...they all work towards building a awesome back ground paper.
at this point my choice was old dictionary pages
I chose to use a NYMPH from
you can color to any degree..lightly ..perfectly I chose lightly and not perfect just waving in the blue to match the background I have created
gesso again to give your self room for words pictures out of magazines or your own journaling
I like to add shape using stencils or what I can find handy...using gesso first
I love Tim Holts acrylic dabbers I added victorian velvet over the gesso using the same tool for a pattern
I added the stamp which was a definition of a nymph above the dictionary pages
as the blue ink and water color became wet with the dabber acrylic I took the tool for patters I was using to my advantage and spread it over the paper
you can see I added a rose in various places the final touch to add strength to the page and a finishing touch
and there it is.
hope you like it
susan s