Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thank you Tam/

There are so many fabulous groups on line and so many awesome classes and tutorials..I have been so privileged to be a part of. There is one that rescued me in a time I never saw it coming and that is a lovely lady named Tam who offered this course
you will see this button. to take the class  I began and yet have not the link above.

I cannot say enough kind...good ..excellent awesome...and so forth words to describe how this has helped me. In fact i am on lesson one still and rummaging through the old library in the brain healing parts broken or damaged and it has so changed me to a more honest real and a  caring person.I am a junkie artist I love it all (mostly) and like so many the friendships are a second family and the art keeps the bonds of many with broken bodies minds and spirits.As willow has been there for me I find I should be  there for many also..out stretched arms from a manufacture or designer or just the weekend stampin artist..there are unique ways of expression..we seem to be there for each other.
If you get a chance take her classes  do it! if all goes well I am going to sign up for the year long class she offers next weekend it would so be worth it for me to continue and I hope others join in.
Take care my sweet friends.
susan s

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's your lie's your loss

Greetings on this awesome Thursday morning. I made a new page for our journal group at smeared ink
Heavy metal is the heavy metal is of a different sort.a key made for my journal girls bird who keeps it for her and she is the secret keeper.
Recent events on okla tornado brought to surface something art journaling has taught me to express.
When my son was in his teens our home had a open circuit and our light bill soared to 1500.00 for one month so in fear of burning down i moved us into our ceramic shop ...while it was being repaired.
of all times and the only time my ex husband came to see stephen we were in this shop.
It was a strange visit his wife and him were having issues in fact his remark she is as crazy as i was before my hysterectomy made me want to slap him across the room my son couldn't believe i didn't but I remained quiet not to effect the visit for them
He asked me to call his wife and let her know he was coming home and said how he would love to bring my sons half siblings to see him I thought that was great. I called and that was that.called my folks and then my boy friend and reported all went well.
we moved back into the house and that christmas stephen had not heard from steve in all that time he called and steves exact words were you are not good enough for our family. my son was crushed.
I bled for him. six years ago my ex mother in law came to see us as we were moving from one apartment to a duplex and she informed me the reason  for stephen losing contact was steves wife had told him steve was coming back to me.after all the money my family spent on the divorce and after all the therapy for getting my self straightened out and oh just let me throw away my awesome boyfriend I had during that time are you for real?????????
I had come so far in over coming many issues in my life by that time and I had just fractured my neck and torn out my shoulders during her visit..I was in heavy medical treatment with my injuries and when I heard that..I could not decided if I should be angry or laugh.all the years my son had gone with out seeing his dad for someone else insecurities what should i feel. My son was with me when I had called her that night sitting right at the table with when my ex mother in law informed me of the long dark mystery we talked after she left and made a decision to never have anything to do with any of them again. It was obvious she believed this and harbored ill will so we cut them out of our lives for ever.
When the tornado struck and my son was in the field i text him and told him what was going on and asked him if he was worried about his grandparent there was no reply.I texted him and said hate is poison the name of Lucifers horse :). After quite a few minutes his text came through go ahead and try to find out if they are ok.
as most of you on face book know we did they are and my son and I stepped through a very dark heavy metal in our heart place.
It's your's your loss began to chirp in my head as I made this journal page.thanks to my art heart healing lessons from willow I got through a very weird time and the hate is gone...there is no like or love but there is no hate..I hope someday my son can feel free of that hatred also.
here is my piece.
stay safe
susan s

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Journal challenge at smeared ink...check it out

New Journal art today...Tom Petty and the heart Breakers one of my fav's..a oldie and awesome goodie right?
our new journal challenge at
hope to see yours soon.
susan s

Friday, May 10, 2013

This is my new journal prompt for Smeared Ink journal group.
It was prompted by the photo image given to us and by a recent event in my life.
I faced a mothers fear even though my son is grown he is my child and my friend. Two days ago he was rushed to ER. He has been fighting liver loss since he was a child and pushed himself to hard.With his illness a push to hard could be death..and i was scared for him.
Prayer and faith our loving Lord let him stay here with us a while longer and I am so grateful.
My theme was a mom I saw the physical signs but said nothing trying to respect his decisions..finally last week i did talk to him about other jobs or no avail.awareness is so multiple from instinct or dreams or day or night visions to knowledge and experience.

Thanks for looking.
susan s